Anonymous sent: technically it is illegal as you are not allowed to copy/sell something like that without permission and even with permission a lot of times there will be restrictions. It is silly that they're having a bitchfit but copyright laws are copyright laws breh




Lol that doesn’t change that instead of sending them warnings to remove individual Homestuck items they went and slammed the hammer down on tons of storenvys and shut the whole stores down, they’re still treating their fans awfully.

Add this to literally every other incident of the Homestuck fandom being harassed for reasons related to AND NOT related to selling used cosplays (See: Harassment and slamming of bunnystuck group BY THE MAIN PR PEOPLE OF HOMESTUCK, harassment and slamming of people portraying Andrew Hussie as a character in cosplay, the list GOES ON) and you still reach the conclusion of the Homestuck fandom instead of being praised for acting as free PR to get other people to read it and expressing our love for the comic in the ways we best see fit we get treated like we’re the enemies, and pretty soon if we keep being treated like this we fucking will be. Cracking down the wolf cry of copyright ban hammer doesn’t save Homestuck or increase the WhatPumpkin profits, all it does is turn its previously loyal fanbase away from it because they’re being treated like shit, good job WhatPumpkin, good job Andrew Hussie, good job Homestuck.

Oh yes, hello, this happened to me today too!  I really wish someone on Whatpumpkin staff would actually read the relevant sections of copyright law one day, because this is an awful long time to be ignorant of what is ACTUALLY illegal here.  I could understand not allowing anyone to use the “Homestuck” name to advertise handmade items if you really want to be weirdly anal about it for some reason considering fandom works are essentially free advertising.  But copyright law in all but the rarest of circumstances does not extend to clothing.  Ever.  Unless you are printing stuff with copyrighted 2D Kids’ symbols or the word “Homestuck” on it, you are 100% legally allowed to sell your Homestuck cosplay.

Continuing to call it copyright violation year after year and continuing to use their own fanbase to bully/anon harass people into shutting down is ignorance at best, scare tactics at worst.  It’s a really shitty way to treat the fanbase, full stop.

Late to the game here, but this sums up a lot of what my issues have been for the last few years now. It’s sad to see that these things are still going on, and hence why I tend to make my own fandom fun, rather than dealing with this mess.


the big fish is huge, baby


the big fish is huge, baby

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A Softer World: 1146
(now you will never know)
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A Softer World: 1146

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I am the flappy bird

Bunch of people on tumblr getting all defensive about the site being talked about as a single group of people or a hivemind and how it’s all individuals and different groups and whatnot just to turn around and talk about “redditers” or “people on 4chan” like it’s not different people I see the same people reblog both types of posts.

How about we recognize that some sites ARE more prone to certain views and ideas and ways to express said ideas while other sites have other things they find important without necessarily dismissing the fact that these are individuals?

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she’ll only come out at night
the lean and hungry type
nothing is new
i’ve seen her here before

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